Lanka woman grabs man's vital parts in fight over ox

PHOTO: Facebook

A heated argument between a man and a woman over an ox led to a brawl where they exchanged blows in Kekirawa recently.

Police said some witnesses had claimed that the man assaulted the woman first causing her to fall. Not to be outdone, she struck back and wrestled the man to the ground.

Without stopping at that she tore his clothes off, while heaping abuse on him and grabbed him by his private parts.

He continued to attack her while struggling to break himself free from her grasp, according to villagers.

Realising that the situation had taken a turn for the worse, the villagers intervened to pull the fighters apart.

The man, screaming in excruciating pain, was first taken to the Kekirawa hospital and then transferred to the Dambulla Base Hospital.

The woman who was also injured in the attack was admitted to the Kekirawa hospital, from where she was taken to the Anuradhapura hospital.