'Last kiss' for Thai woman, French boyfriend in murder case

A Thai woman and her French boyfriend, both of whom have been implicated in the much-publicised murder of the woman's Italian ex-husband in Phichit's Bung Narang district, exchanged their “last kiss” on Wednesday before they were separated and police applied for their detention orders.

Rujira Eiumlamai, 38, and Rigaux Amaury, 34, met briefly and kissed at Bung Nara Police Station at Amaury’s request. 

Rujira then told her boyfriend that they would never see each other again before Amaury was taken to court.

Bung Nara superintendent Pol Colonel Chaisathien Maneechak said police would object to bail for both suspects because of the serious nature of the crime, which affected public morale.

Following their separate arrests in Tak province early this week, the couple initially blamed each other for killing Giuseppe de Stefani, 61, although both admitted to helping in the disposal and burning of the corpse to conceal the crime. 

The two have both been charged with premeditated murder and concealing a body.

Amaury eventually confessed during an interrogation to stabbing de Stefani during an argument on January 18 about his affair with Rujira, police said. 

The remains of the body were found in a wooded area near Bung Thab Chan pond in Tambon Laemran on January 19, and police subsequently searched Rujira’s home on January 21 in an effort to link the body parts to de Stefani, who was missing at the time. 

After the search, Rujira and Amaury both attempted to flee.

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