Last messages from Lao Airlines crash victims cause stir

Messages retrieved from the LINE chat app sent out by a Laotian stewardess prior to the ill-fated flight QV301 were distributed online yesterday, drawing heartbreaking comments from Thai and Lao netizens mourning her death and deploring the accident.

Kaysone Phonelat, who would have turned 24 tomorrow, chatted with a friend one day before her flight duty on Wednesday to Pakse Airport, which is not far from where she lived. Kaysorn said she had bought two gold rings for her parents, and expressed excitement at a birthday party that had been planned for her.

The stewardess was a Lao National University graduate and participated in a beauty contest four years ago, in which she won a Miss Good Personality award.

The Facebook page of a Laotian passenger was also publicised by her online friends.

The last photos posted by Chinda Phommasone show her standing in front of a home before flying off from Vientiane's Wattay International Airport, which is marked up in Facebook's check-in feature, heading to Pakse.

Thai and Lao netizens offered comfort to each other over the crash, which claimed passengers from both countries.