Laundry company fined for sexy PR stunt on Shanghai train

A laundry company in Shanghai has been fined for disrupting public order, following a racy promotional stunt on a metro train last Wednesday (Sep 24).

According to Shanghai Daily, Tidy Laundry Co apologised on its website for the stunt on Sep 27.

It also admitted to filming the stunt and posting it on the Internet, calling the advertisement a 'mistake'.

In the video, two young women can be seen stripping down to their underwear on a crowded train.

They are berated by other commuters for their actions, before a man is seen passing them new clothes which they quickly put on.

The stunt was apparently aimed to promote the company's excellent 'service on call'.

The company also confirmed that all those who appeared in the video, including the train passengers, were paid actors and actresses.

Police approached the company after the video sparked criticism among netizens and said it would be fined. The fine amount was not revealed.

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