Lavish meals for Taipei prisoners during festivals

TAIPEI - Inmates of the Taipei Prison in Taiwan were served lavish dishes such as fo tiao qiang (a traditional Min cuisine known as Buddha Jumps Over The Wall) during the recent Chinese New Year celebration, Sin Chew Daily reported.

It picked up a report from Taiwanese daily Lianhe Bao, which stated that the 3,600 prisoners were also served jiang mu ya or ginger duck, seafood porridge, three-cup chicken, sweet vinegar fish and more.

It was reported that the inmates also enjoyed good meals during normal days, with at least three to four dishes plus a soup, while there would be extra delicacies during festivals or on birthdays.

Taiwan Legal Department officials said the management of the prison had improved following focus on the importance of human rights in recent years.

They also said monthly meetings, attended by representatives from among the prisoners, were held to ascertain whether the meals served were good enough and to decide on new dishes.

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