This lil' Picasso is causing big swirls with her paintings

This lil' Picasso is causing big swirls with her paintings

Five-year-old Cassandra Gee, also known as Cassie, is a child prodigy. She started painting at the age of three and has not stopped since.

Starry Night IVPhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls

Cassie is just like other kids. She loves fairies, elephants, the colour pink, and going to the beach. Most of all, she loves to paint.

SeahorsePhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls
Strawberry SurprisePhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls

After discovering Cassie's unique talent for painting, her mom put up the site Cassie Swirls and decided to help charities with the profits from Cassie's works. She has sold over 100 paintings that has already benefited several foundations. And it looks like, she won't stop painting any time soon.


Towards the SunPhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls
Fairy FlossPhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls

Cassie uses her hands, a fork, or a skewer to create intricate patterns. Her paintings are primarily a combination of acrylic and resin. She then adds glitter to make her work glow and look happy.

Metal FirePhoto: Facebook/Cassie Swirls


This little girl's artistic talent is sure to take her places. But importantly, her works remind people that no one is too young to help others with their talents.

Photo: Facebook/Cassie Swirls

Keep swirling, Cassie!

If you want to check out her works, visit her site, Facebook page, and Instagram.

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