LOOK: Manny Pacquiao is now a colonel

PHOTO: Instagram/Manny Pacquiao

Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao has ticked another achievement off his bucket list.

The senator recently posted on Instagram that he has been promoted to army colonel by the Philippine Army after he submitted his commandant's paper, a requirement to finish the General Command and Staff course in order to receive the rank.

In another post, he revealed that he is part of the Command and General Staff Course Class '62. He attended the ceremony on Sunday with his wife, Jinkee.

Previously, Pacquiao held the rank of lieutenant colonel in 2011.

Pacquiao defended that appointment by citing that his being a Saranggani representative made him a candidate for promotion.

He first entered the Army's reserve force as sergeant on April 2006. He later rose to technical sergeant in December of that same year. 


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