Maid accused of killing crying infant

A 14-year-old domestic servant, identified only by the initial R, has been accused of killing a 2-year-old girl, named Keysa Natalehena Simanjuntak, on Wednesday, reportedly because the child would not stop crying.

Keysa, the only child of couple Erniati Ginting and Simon Petrus Simanjuntak, was allegedly suffocated with a blanket by the suspect and she died on the way to a clinic.

Simon said he could not believe his daughter had died at the hands of his maid, he said R had been well behaved and up to that point had treated the couple's child well.

Simon added that his maid stayed with their child at home while he and his wife worked.

Deli Tua Police chief Comr. Anggoro Wicaksono said police were still investigating the cause of the baby's death.

He added that police had questioned five witnesses and collected a number of items of evidence, including an autopsy report from the Adam Malik Hospital in Medan.