Man admits to killing daughter, burying in mountains

A digger is seen striking through gravel yesterday in Tucheng District, as police try to find the body of a missing girl, surnamed Jiang, whose father has admitted to killing and burying her.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A man surnamed Jiang admitted to police yesterday that he personally buried his daughter's dead body even though he previously told police that he abandoned her at a park.

Jiang, who has a criminal history, appeared on the police radar in connection with other possible crimes.

The New Taipei Government has been looking for missing children from high-risk families.

Chief of Social Work from New Taipei City's Social Welfare Department Shih Yu-li said that social workers completed a home visit to the girl's paternal grandmother, who lived in New Taipei's Xizhi District. At the time, social workers were told by the grandmother that she was taking care of Jiang's daughter and his two children from his new marriage, said Shih. However, social workers did not see any children present, Shih said.

On a repeat home visit, the grandmother told social workers that Jiang had moved away and she did not know where he was or how to contact him.

Jiang, who lived in Tucheng District, registered his home address as the same address of the local Household Registration Office, which made it difficult for the officials to track him down, reports said.

Jiang was awarded his daughter's custody after divorcing his then wife, a woman surnamed Tsai.

Tsai called the police after becoming suspicious of her daughter's well-being since she had not been registered for school.

According to police, Jiang said he killed his daughter because he could not afford to raise her. Jiang also sold one of his sons and does not know where he is, police said.