Man bashed up after nagging at commuter for eating on bus

A man was brutally beaten up by a commuter after he criticised the passenger in a suit for snacking on sunflower seeds and littering on the bus in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province.

According to CCTVNews, the man nagged incessantly at the commuter for more than seven minutes, eventually angering the seated commuter into bashing him up.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, the nagger can be heard repeating one sentence over and over again: "Why is this grudge against me?"

One netizen said he used the phrase exactly 183 times.

The seated man can be seen silently wiping his face several times as, presumably, flecks of spit are shot at his face.

However, after 7 minutes of constant nagging, the commuter apparently couldn't stand it anymore and suddenly grabs the nagger's head.

To which the nagger responds: "Go ahead, Kill me!"

Not being to suppress his anger anymore, the commuter strikes the nagging man on his head several times and even bangs his head on the handles of the bus seats as horrified passengers look on.

Local police there issued a statement on the incident Thursday afternoon after it became popular online.

They said the suited man will compensate the nagger 100 yuan ($16.3) for beating him.

Police also said that prior to where the video starts there had been some quarreling when the suited man had physically assaulted the other and strangled him.

The trending topic has reached over 118 million people on Sina Weibo so far, and over 10,000 net users have reposted or commented online.

Some admired the seated man's patience and high morals as he tried to put a stop to the vulgar behaviour of eating and littering on public transport.

Some joked that it's reasonable for the man to beat the nagger because he gave a fair warning that he would do so if the other didn't let him off the bus.

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