Man chauffeurs wife to sleep with other men

TAIWAN - A man in Taiwan has been chauffeuring his 24-year-old wife to hotels to sleep with other men to earn a living, Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported.

The man, identified as Chai, said he first felt guilty for prostituting his wife.

However, he and his wife decided to continue the "business" as the income was very lucrative.

Their activities were discovered after they were caught by the police recently.

With a slim figure and pretty face, the wife charged at least NT$5,000 (S$210) for each client. On a good day, she takes up to three customers daily.

The paper said the couple got married four years ago and could only earn a living by taking odd jobs. Their financial problems worsened after their baby was born.

It was then the couple decided to go into the prostitution business.

To prevent their earnings from being deducted by middlemen, Chai decided to chauffeur his wife to meet with clients.