Man cuts off and flushes girlfriend's nose, ears, lip

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A 79-year-old man cut off his girlfriend's nose, ears, and upper lip and flushed them down the toilet yesterday after he found out that another man was courting her. The woman was treated at a Changhua hospital and is now in stable condition. Doctors said she is currently emotionally unstable.

The man, surnamed Huang, used a small knife to pare off the woman's ears, nose and upper lip in the middle of the night. The woman was fast asleep and Huang had tied her to the bed with rope. After finishing his grisly act, he flushed the woman's facial features down the toilet.

Huang was the one who called the ambulance after committing the act.

The 47-year-old woman, surnamed Chu, arrived in the hospital in a hysterical state and was sent to the intensive care unit for immediate treatment.

Doctors were in shock when they saw Chu and said because her features were contaminated after being flushed down the toilet, it would be difficult to perform reconstructive surgery. If they had been kept and brought to the hospital with Chu, plastic surgeons would have been able to help repair her face.

Chu's wounds were all very clean and precise, doctors said, which suggests that Huang knew what he was doing.

The doctors called the police after examining Chu and becoming suspicious over the nature of her injuries.

For the past six months, Huang had been paying Chu NT$100,000 monthly to be his companion. He even paid for a trip to Japan she took in September.

The Changhua police said the couple had a heated argument after Chu told Huang about a man who was courting her. Huang wrote Chu a note on Oct. 19 in which he threatened her with a "bloodbath" if she was found interacting with other men.

According to reports, Huang had been planning his revenge for some time.