Man hugs wife's body for 2 hours in freezing cold after she dies on street

An elderly man's show of devotion to his wife, who suddenly collapsed and died on the street, has earned the admiration and respect of netizens in China.

The man in Shenyang, Liaoning province, cradled his wife's body for two hours after she suddenly died of a heart attack while out alone, CCTV News and Netease reported.

The incident occurred on the evening of Dec 17, 2014. Eye-witnesses reported that she was conscious for a while, but not long enough to get the contact details of her next of kin.

After police arrived, they found the husband's contact number through a medical card in the woman's pocket.

Her 63-year-old husband, surnamed He, rushed to the scene but was too late to say goodbye. He then hugged the body of his wife on the road, refusing to let go. 

It was a freezing cold night with sub-zero temperatures, but the man did not budge, saying that his son would be coming to get them soon. 

Onlookers touched by the scene offered the man cardboard pieces and a styrafoam box for him to sit and rest his legs on.

Two hours later at about 7.50pm, the man's son arrived and they left for home together.

Thousands of Weibo users expressed their respect for the man and his undying love.