Man leaps to his death over girlfriend's lavish spending

JIANGSU, China - A couple's shopping trip on Dec 7 ended on a tragic note when a man jumped to his death after arguing with his girlfriend over a purchase that he deemed too expensive.

According to a report on Shanghaiist, a man in his 40s stormed out of a store in a shopping mall, took the lift to the 7th floor, suddenly leapt over protective railings, and fell to his death.

He landed on the ground floor lobby which was crowded with numerous business stalls and shoppers. The impact of his fall damaged several display counters and sent the area into disarray.

In a JSChina report, an eye-witness, visibly shaken by the incident, shared that she saw "a man lying motionless on the ground after a loud bang."

After 10 minutes, paramedics arrived and tried to resuscitate the man. He was later pronounced dead at the scene and quickly covered with a cloth to shield his body from prying eyes.

Witnesses crowded around the body and speculated why the man had leapt to his death, and concluded that he was unable to tolerate his girlfriend's excessive spending and ended his life in a fit of anger.

While the police conduct investigations on the incident, netizens lament the loss of life over materialistic pursuits.