Man pulls woman from car and viciously beats her

A man from Chengdu, in China's Sichuan province, has been arrested after pulling a woman from her car and viciously assaulting her.

A 35-second long video of the incident that occurred on May 3 has gone viral since it was uploaded online.

In the video, the man and the woman's cars are initially side by side, before the man suddenly stops and exits his vehicle.

He then drags the woman out of the driver's seat of her car before throwing her to the ground and brutally kicking her multiple times.

According to NetEase, the man said he assaulted the woman after she had changed lanes abruptly and scared his child in the car.

The woman was hospitalised and suffered a concussion and bone fractures, as well as severe bruising, reported Shanghaiist.

The man, surnamed Zhang, has since been arrested and could face up to five years in jail.