Man refuses bicycle prize from President Jokowi

PHOTO: The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo is known for his trademark habit of giving trivia quizzes and awarding bicycles to people who give correct answers during his visits to regions.

Residents, adults and schoolchildren alike are usually excited to get some interaction time with the President, often resulting in them getting new bicycles.

However, Jokowi could not hide his surprise in a recent event when a man, identified as Apdal, suddenly rejected the bicycle prize after giving the correct answer to Jokowi's quiz related to the state ideology Pancasila.

Apdal, from Palembang, South Sumatra, was among the participants of the 12th National Meeting of Jam'iyyah Ahlith Thariqah Al-Mu'tabarah An-Nahdliyyah (JATMAN), in Pekalongan, Central Java, on Monday.

After answering Jokowi's quiz correctly, Apdal was told by Jokowi to return to his seat.

"The prize, sir," Apdal suddenly asked the President, as quoted by on Monday.

Jokowi subsequently promised to deliver a bicycle to his house, but Apdal reportedly refused.

"I don't want [the bicycle], Pak. I already have two [bicycles]," Apdal said.

"During my interactions with the people, this is the first time someone rejected [the bicycle]. So, what [do you want] as a reward? But I may not grant it," Jokowi said, which elicited laughter from the participants of the event.

"[Anything] that you will give sincerely, but not a bicycle," Apdal said.

Jokowi then asked Habib Luthfi bin Yahya, a notable ulema from Pekalongan, for a suggestion on the prize. The President later promised that the reward would be delivered to Apdal's house and told him to return to his seat.

Jokowi inaugurated the national meeting on Monday, during which he called on religious leaders to use their massive influence to promote unity in society.

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