Man who killed toddler over parking dispute wants death sentence

BEIJING - A Chinese man who threw a two-year-old girl to the ground and killed her over a parking dispute with her mother is reportedly asking to be given the death sentence.

An online report on said the man, Han Lei, was being prosecuted for intentional homicide. Another man, Li Ming, who drove the car they were in at the time of the incident, is charged with harbouring a criminal for driving off with Han after he hurt the toddler.

Han reportedly expressed regret over the child's death and told the court prosecutorthat he 'would never go kill a child'.

In court, Han said that he, Li and several other friends were heading to a KTV lounge after eating. he saw the stroller which carried the child in a parking spot. 

Li said he saw the stroller which carried the child in a parking spot on the side of a road by a bus stop. As he was about to park his car,  Han had already gotten down from the car and began arguing with a woman. He did not notice the pair arguing, but they came to blows a moment later.

It was during this time that Han lifted the child above his head and threw her onto the ground.

Han reportedly told the court that he should be sentenced to death for having caused the child's death, and has been 'especially pained and I truly don't want to live anymore'.