Man who threw chair that killed HK passer-by: 'Someone told me to do it'

The man who is suspected of throwing an office chair down a building that a killed a passer-by in Hong Kong on Jun 10 told police during his arrest that someone told him to do it.

The 29-year-old passer-by was pronounced dead the hospital after being hit on the head by the chair along Sai Yeung Choi Street.

According to a report on Shanghaiist, the perpetrator, Tang, was a Mainlander who had just settled in Hong Kong.

The unemployed man has been described as chronically depressed and mentally unstable, and lived in a flat paid for by his father.

When police reached the rooftop to arrest him, he told them, "Someone told me to throw the chair!"

No one else was found at the rooftop and Tang was most likely hallucinating. However, police are investigating the possibility that he had a companion.

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