Man wishing for a boy inserts needles into daughter

A father has been arrested for inserting needles into the body of his two-month-old baby in China,China Press reported.

Yin Zhihe, 22, from Heilongjiang province, believed that by doing so, his wife would carry a boy in her next pregnancy.

He was found to have inserted four needles into the girl's body in separate incidents.

Yin married Li Mingyang, 26, in 2011.

Li was later found to have fertility problems and underwent treatment. However, when she was pregnant, the husband suspected that the child was not his, though he denied his wife's request for a DNA test on the child.

The baby is currently recovering at the hospital.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the incident came to light after the baby was admitted to the hospital on Aug 5 when she coughed out white foam.

A needle was recovered from the chest, but the family has claimed carelessness over the incident.

Medical workers lodged a police report when the baby was sent to the hospital again on Aug 18, and another three needles were found in her body.