Man's proposal falls flat when his parachute gets stuck in tree...and it gets worse

One man's elaborate marriage proposal and another man's desperate attempt to prevent his girlfriend from breaking up with him - unfortunately, both failed miserably to re-capture their girlfriends' hearts. 

Here's what went down. 

On May 21, a man from Yichang, China decided to display his affection for his partner through an elaborate parachute jump, reported The Daily Mail

With the words, "Gou Hongyun, marry me!" printed on his parachute in Mandarin, the man took flight in the hope of impressing his girlfriend as she watched from below. 

However, mother nature was not on his side that day and a gust of wind caught hold of his parachute and blew him towards a tree, entangling him with the branches. 

And things just got worse from there. 

The man had to wait an hour to be assisted down from the tree by firefighters with the help of a crane. 

Then to add fuel to his embarrassment, his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal - without even giving a reason why. 

All she did was turn her back and walk away. How sad is that? 

Having caught wind of the story, people in China started discussing their thoughts online on

Most of them felt the man's proposal was too over the top. 

"You should be rejected! You should have a sincere proposal with an emotional foundation. Rather than high profile attention," said one user. 

While another said: "If she does not like you then why use a parachute?"

Man begs not to break up with him

In another case of unrequited love, The Daily Mail reported that a man in Huai'an city who was so desperate to keep his girlfriend from breaking up with him that he went down on his knees to beg her to accept him again. 

In a video that emerged on China's social media site Weibo, the man can be seen clinging onto his girlfriend's leg in the middle of the street. But she doesn't relent and slaps him as she tries to wrestle her way out of his grip. 

Not taking their break-up well, the man grabbed her legs so tightly that even her tights fell down. 

This caused her to shout at him: "Let go. Don't you feel disgraceful?"

But he only begs more: "Please don't leave me". 

The woman continues to tell the man that they can't be together.

Many netizens have criticised the man's actions. A netizen, Ju You Jing, wrote: "This is not affectionate. This is ill."

"He can't beg to get together like this. He needs to have a backbone," said another online user, Xi Guan You Ni.

Perhaps nothing is more unattractive than desperation when it comes to the dating game.