Mayor-elect Ko launches mobile app to 'fix' Taipei

INCOMING Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je debuted the "fix TPE" website yesterday, which has been described as the upgraded mobile version of Taipei's 1999 citizen hotline.

Ko said that in the future, he will make the existing 1999 website more effective and mobile friendly since open communication with the people of Taipei is very important to him.

Taipei citizens can instantaneously send their complaints to the Taipei City Government by logging into Facebook on their smart phones or digital devices. Once the complaint is sent to the appropriate city department, the user will be able to receive an update on the status of their complaint.

Currently, there are more than 20 cases that have been sent to the already established 1999 website. When asked how he will be dealing with the 20 cases, Ko said he will have to wait until he officially takes office before he redesigns the entire system.

Categories on "fix TPE" include reporting illegal parking, noise level complaints, reporting potholes, reporting animal abuse and reporting illegal street vendors.

Ko said when citizens take a photo of illegal parking, they can also "check-in" at the location for ease of data collection and analysis. Citizens will act like the eyes of Taipei, Ko added.

RDEC Chairman Seat Still Up For Grabs

According to Ko, the Taipei City Government's Research, Development and Evaluation Commission chairman position is still vacant. Ko said he is not ruling out filling the position by selecting from a group of highly qualified candidates.

Ko returned to his election headquarters yesterday for a volunteer appreciation party. Prior to the start of the party, he visited surrounding merchants to apologise for the inconvenience he caused them during the campaign period. Many owners were ecstatic to take photos with Ko.

When asked about his meeting with Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Tsai Ing-wen next week, Ko said that they will not be meeting alone and that there will be team members alongside. Ko said that if they run out of topics to talk about, the team members will fill in the blanks.

When asked about the possibility of an MRT extension into Keelung, Ko said that many things need to be discussed first before making a conclusion.

When asked about the purchase of Taipei 101 stocks by Malaysian real estate developers, Ko said that is not able to answer every question. However, Ko promised to organise a team that is well rounded and has the ability to "know everything."