Medan girl sick after eating plastic rice

A 10-year-old girl was rushed to Sari Mutiara Hospital in Medan on Sunday after eating rice which allegedly contained synthetic materials.

The girl's mother Suriani said she took her daughter to a nearby clinic for a stomachache after she ate the rice.

"The doctor at the clinic said my daughter suffered from a peptic ulcer and suggested that she eat porridge," Suriani said.

They returned home where Suriani made porridge from the same rice and gave it to her daughter who vomited after eating it.

Suriani then asked the neighborhood chief for help. "The chief said the rice might be contaminated with plastic after he plunged the rice into water. We then reported it to the police."

Sunggal Police Crime Unit chief First Insp. Oscar Setjo said the police were still investigating the case.

"The rice is still being examined in the laboratory," Oscar said.