MH370: Anguish – and anger

BEIJING - Anguish gave way to anger as relatives of 154 Chinese passengers on the missing Flight MH370, after learning there's no hope their loved ones are alive, accused the carrier and Malaysian leaders of a cover-up.

Confusing information about Flight 370, which disappeared March 8, "misled and delayed the rescue, wasting tremendous manpower and resources as well as the most precious rescuing time," one man read in a statement, surrounded by about 30 family members at 2am in Beijing's Metropark Lido Hotel.

Hours earlier they were part of a larger group brought to the hotel ballroom to watch on television as Malaysian officials concluded the Boeing 777 disappeared into the southern Indian Ocean, leaving no hope of survivors. Wails and screams punctuated that meeting, and at least two relatives were carried away on stretchers while police guarded the entrance.

Closure has proven elusive for Li Bo, 40, a Heilongjiang native whose cousin - an only child - was on the missing plane. He lashed out at photographers who clamoured to take his picture outside the ballroom, cutting his arm in the melee.

"There is no evidence," Li said. "If you have evidence of something floating on the sea we can accept it. But now there is nothing."

Indonesian family members are also hoping for a miracle, Indonesia's news agency Antara reported.

"We hope all the passengers are safe. We are all praying here for their safety," said Siswanto, a family member of passengers Sugianto Lo and Vinny Cintyia who were on board the airliner.

"I hope the objects spotted in the Indian Ocean are really debris from the aircraft," Siswanto said.