MH370: Hidden hand behind Beijing protest?

MH370: Hidden hand behind Beijing protest?

CHANGLUN - Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahatir said he would not be surprised if Pakatan Rakyat leaders had their hands behind the protest march involving the relatives of MH370 flight from China at Malaysian Embassy in Beijing on Tuesday.

Mukhriz said he did not discount the possibility as the issues raised by the 200 infuriated relatives during the protest were similar to those uttered by Opposition leaders in this country.

He lamented the Pakatan leaders' lack of patriotism by manipulating the unprecedented tragedy to discredit the government at international level.

"This is Pakatan Rakyat's patriotism. They would just seize and capitalised on just any issue including such disaster to smear the Barisan Nasional-led government's image.

"We are in the midst of a global crisis involving the life of hundreds of passengers and crew on board of the ill-fated aircraft.

"It is despicable for them to harp on the tragedy to score political points while we are supposed to unite in facing this crisis," Mukhriz said in his speech at the launching of Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) 'Setuhan Kasih' Programme and the affordable housing project for the second generation of Felda Laka Selatan here yesterday.

Mukhriz was commenting on the protest in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing recently following Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's announcement that MH370 had ended its journey in southern Indian Ocean.

It was reported that an unidentified family member had read out a statement denouncing Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and its military for "constantly trying to delay, hide and cover up the truth" at the Lido Hotel, where relatives of passengers have been staying since the aircraft went missing on March 8.

On a separate matter, Mukhriz also lambasted Pakatan for organising 'Himpunan Derita Rakyat' rally, scheduled to be held in Baling on April 5.

He claimed that Pakatan leaders were out to incite the people's hatred towards the government.

He described the rally, which purportedly organised to commemorate the Baling protest 40 years ago was an irresponsible act since the government was working hard to address the rising cost of living.

In 1974, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, had allegedly led a group of university students to protest, claiming that the people in Baling were dying due to a sharp fall of rubber prices in the market at the time.

Mukhriz said although the overall cost of living had increase following the move to reduce bulk subsidies, the government was doing everything possible to ease the rakyat's burden.

"Barisan Nasional government is committed to ease the people's burden by carrying out many programmes and giving out aid to those in need instead of giving out subsidies in bulk as practiced in the past.

"By reducing the bulk subsidies, the government could have more focus to channel the subsidies those in need such as the annual cash hand-out, 1Malaysia People Aid (BR1M) and building affordable homes for Federal Land Development Authority (Felda)'s new generation like what we are doing today," he said.

A total of 100 Felda settlers took part in the Felda Integrated Farming Project's new model which involved 20 acres farming site and 100 houses.

Mukhriz also launched 300 units of affordable single-storey terrace houses for the second generation of Felda settlers during the event.

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