A mini-city in the sea

The aircraft carrier is 262m long, 62m broad and as tall as a 14-storey building.

Its flight deck is as big as two football fields.

The ship's cables, laid end to end, would reach Delhi from Kochi, a distance of more than 2,000km.

It can sail at a maximum speed of around 28 knots, which is more than 50kmh.

The ship will carry 30 MiG-29K fighter jets which will take off and land from its two runways.

Its angled deck is equipped with arrester wires for landing. Helicopters will also be based on board the carrier.

The ship can generate 80MW of power from four US-made gas turbines. This is enough to light up Kochi city, where the ship is being built.

When complete, the carrier will have a displacement of 40,000 tonnes. It will house 1,600 navy personnel and will be equipped with a long-range surface- to-air missile system with multi-function radar.

It will also have a close-in weapon system to detect and destroy incoming short-range missiles and an Indian designed combat management system.

The ship is expected to be fit for formal induction into the Indian navy by the end of 2018. It will carry 4,500 tonnes of engine fuel, 1,500 tonnes of aircraft fuel, 1,000 tonnes of fresh water and 500-1,000 tonnes of ammunition.

The total cost of the carrier is expected to be upwards of Rs25,000 crores (S$5.16 billion) once it is fully equipped.

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