More bodies of Hindus brutally killed by extremist terrorists found in Maungdaw

More bodies of Hindus brutally killed by ARSA Bengali extremist terrorists found in Maungdaw.
Eleven Media Group/Asia News Network

28 bodies were found on September 24 in two holes after about 100 Hindus were gone missing as they're taken hostage by ARSA terrorists and the search continued on September 25 and two more holes were found.

"Two more smelly holes were found. For the time being, I'm not sure how many bodies were there as the search is still ongoing," said Thura San Lwin.

The bodies found yesterday and today were all tied up together and the bodies of women found on September 24 showed signs of rape but authorities made no confirmation about it.

Ni Mal, who took part in digging up the bodies, said "Today another hole was found about 1000 feet away from the hole found yesterday. It's found at about 1pm. A total of 17 male bodies were found. All bodies were dug up at about 4pm. All of them were tied up and with stab wounds all over their bodies. They're all from Khamaungseiktaung Village,"

Ni Mal, a Hindu, says it's an act of ethnic cleansing of Hindus who were born in Myanmar and live peacefully and it's a very brutal mass killing.

The total number of bodies found reached 45 now after 28 bodies were found on September 24 and 17 more bodies were found on September 25.

A person from Yebawkya Village made a phone call to a Hindu man, Ni Mal (leader of Hindu supporting group) from Maungdaw Forth Mile, who is in Sittway following attacks of ARSA extremist terrorists, informing that around 300 ARSA extremist terrorists arrested and took away about 100 men and women from the village on August 25.

Arriving at about 1,000 metres from the west of the village, the terrorists killed the men and women, and took eight other women to Bangladesh after forcibly converting them to Islam. Currently, they are staying at the house of a Hindu at Kutupalaung refugee camp in Bangladesh.

To investigate the case, combined teams together with Ni Mal and Shwe Ni, three people from Khamaungseik Village and four from Tamantha Village went to Yebawkya Village at 7 am on September 24.

After a search by different teams, a foul smell came from the spot about 1,200 metres northwest from Yebawkya Village and digging led to the discovery of two holes measuring 13 feet by 13 feet, both of which are 10 feet distant apart.

When one hole was dug, three bodies were found at 11.30 am, eight at 2 pm and one at 2.20 pm totalling 12.

When the second hole was dug at 2.30 pm, bodies of six boys aged under 10, bodies of two boys aged under 16 and bodies of eight women aged above 16 totalling 16 were found. Therefore, the bodies were 28 in total on September 24. And 17 more bodies of Hindu were found on September 25.