Mother in Thailand threatens to sue passersby who tried to free toddler from parked car

PHOTO: Pixabay

Passersby who tried to help a toddler trapped in her mother's car parked near a market in Songkhla's Hat Yai district were threatened with legal action for scratching her car.

Shoppers at the Kimyong market spotted a woman trying to open her car which had her one-year-old daughter inside.

She said she left the key inside the car while doing some chores and the car automatically locked with her daughter inside.

A woman tried to use a clothes hanger to open the door.

After about half an hour, the mother contacted the car manufacturer asking for the door to be unlocked remotely.

The toddler was rescued and a photo showed she was soaked with sweat.

But the mother then threatened legal action against the group, especially the woman who tried to use the clothes hanger to open the door.

She claimed that they damaged her car during the rescue attempt.

The woman gave her contact details in case the mother wanted to take any action against her.

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