Musical tribute to love of China's first couple mocked online

A music video paying tribute to the love shared by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, has gone viral.

Called "Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama", which roughly translates to "Uncle Xi loves Mother Peng", the lyrics of the song tells the story of the "legendary love" between Xi Dada and Peng Mama.

The video shows photographs and animated images of President Xi and his wife, complete with superimposed hearts, The Straits Times reported.

Washington Post, which called the song and video "cheesy", reported that it was sung by two artists from central Henan province, who said they hoped to be invited to perform it on a widely watched show celebrating the Spring Festival next year.

According to Washington Post, the song is the "latest manifestation of a growing personality cult around China's leader, which is expanding to take in his glamorous wife, Peng Liyuan".

China's People's Daily newspaper reported that the song has gained over 22 million views in less than a week since it was posted online.

However, reception to the song by netizens has been less than enthusiastic with comments such as "disgusting rubbish" and shameless lackeys", Washington Post said.

Peng was a famous singer with the People's Liberation Army before marrying Xi, and her glamorous image has been used to humanise him.

Recently, a short clip of Peng waving to the crowd at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing, and then glancing towards her husband who then immediately began waving as well, was also widely shared and discussed online.