My bed is where I lay my head

In China, the lack of a bed does not stop people from having their daily snooze.

Be it trying to escape the scorching heat or just taking a break from work, some people, it seems, can doze off just about anywhere.

While toddlers and the grown-ups take shelter at a subway station to escape the heat, labourers sleep on busy roads even as vehicles zoom past them, Chinese media reported.

The napping labourers occupy almost an entire lane with the vehicles forced to take the other lanes.

Meanwhile, a heat wave continued to sizzle across China's eastern regions, forcing people to take whatever measures they could to get out of the sun.

The temperature in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province, hit a record 40 deg C, the highest in 62 years.

The scorching weather will continue until Sunday, the Zhejiang Provincial Climate Centre said, the official news agency Xinhua reported.

The sweltering weather forced Hangzhou residents to try to cool off in shopping malls, stores and even subway stations.

"In some subway stations, people have been crowding on platforms to enjoy the coolness underground," said Mr Wu Ting, public relations manager with the Hangzhou Metro.

"Subway stations are for public transportation. The crowds disturb passengers and bring about more security risks," he said.

Hangzhou locals also flocked to underground air-raid shelters, which have been opened by the government. The shelters provide drinking water, power supply, cable television and Wi-Fi.

"There is a constant temperature of 22 deg C and the humidity inside is 63 per cent, which is suitable for the human body," said Cheng Zhiguo, an official with Hangzhou civil air defence projects development centre.

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