My name will be cleared one day: Bo Xilai

BEIJING - Fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai has written a defiant letter from prison, vowing to clear his name, just days ahead of a court verdict following a high-profile corruption trial, Hong Kong media reported yesterday.

Formerly a top-ranked member of the ruling Communist Party, Bo - almost certain to be found guilty on Sunday - said in the letter to family members that his name will "one day" be cleared, the South China Morning Post reported.

"My father was jailed many times. I will follow in his footsteps," the report cited Bo as writing.

Bo's father, Mr Bo Yibo, was a celebrated revolutionary leader who was jailed several times during China's tumultuous Cultural Revolution, launched in the 1960s.

"Father and mother have passed away, but their teachings continue to serve me well. I will not disgrace their glorious past," Bo said in the letter, according to the report.

He also thanked his family for their support during his dramatic five-day trial last month, where he mounted a fierce defence against charges of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power.