Myanmar president demands cheaper housing for poor

President Thein Sein has told an urban housing workshop that rental accommodation had to be provided for those with no regular incomes, according to his official website.

The workshop on Urban and Housing Development Policy and Projects took place at Myanmar International Convention Centre (MICC) in Nay Pyi Taw.

Thein Sein added that the government was planning to implement affordable housing projects in which homes could be purchased with insurance, instalments or mortgages by the poor, disabled people, the retired, war veterans and those on low-incomes as well as projects for rental housing.

The government had a plan to accommodate the homeless by raising living standards. Meanwhile, efforts were to be made to deal with the problem of squatters, taking account of employment opportunities for the poor in addition to their accommodation, Thein Sein said.

The number of people living in urban areas with a population above 200,000 is projected to double by 2030. It needs to invest US$146 billion (S$190 billion) on the urban development projects during 20 years which amounts to US$7 billion per year. As a first step, there should be a modern urban planning system, the second stage was investment in infrastructure while ensuring good urban governance was the third phase, the president said.