Myanmar's top companies under probe for tax evasion

MYANMAR - Top companies, including big construction, in Myanmar are now under official investigation for tax evasion, Finance Minister Win Shein told local reporters on October 4 in Nay Pyi Taw.

The reporters put a question to the minister about the tax evasions of top local companies, including big construction firms on that day after a parliamentary session.

"There are gaps in taxation received by the government. The government regulatory body on taxation is now investigating on the companies so that they will be back on the way to pay taxes correctly. The amount of taxes received is now increasing," he answered.

He also added that the body is led by Thura Thaung Lwin for the investigation.

"We [the government] will take actions against those who evaded the taxes according to the law," he answered a question raised by the reporters.

"What we're doing now is only investigating. Taking necessary actions is another part. We're now trying to find out whether there are those [companies] evading taxes and others who should pay taxes are actually paying the taxes correctly. We are trying to push them onto the right way," he added.

There was widespread criticism of the government officials handling two big local companies such as Forever Group and Shwe Than Lwin Media over their payments of trade taxes, questioning whether they did official procedures or not according to regulatory standards.

And only 35 of over 1,000 officially registered as construction companies in the country made it to the list of official tax payers.

There were also public criticisms of big construction companies such as Shine, Father Land, Mother Land, Naing Group and Taw Win Family Group and other big companies like Dagon International Company being not listed as top tax payers.