Names of Indonesian passengers on MH17

A woman lights a candle near a placard reading "Stop Russian terrorism!" in front of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev on July 17, 2014.

Transportation Ministry spokesman J.A Barata confirmed 12 Indonesians, including one infant, on the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane that was shot down over the Ukrainian skies.

Below are the names of Indonesian passengers that Malaysia Airlines provides to the ministry, Barata said.

1. Hadiono Gunawan

2. Yodricunda Theistiasih

3. Ketut Wiartini

4. Yuli Hastini

5. Vickline Kurniati Kardia

6. Supartini

7. Hendry

8. Gerda Leliana Lahendra

9. Wether Smallenburg

10. Jane M Adi Soetjipto

11. Wayan Sujana

12 Clarice Yelena Huizen (infant)