Neighbours in catfight over pet dogs

WHEN DOGS fight, sometimes humans suffer too, as seen in the recent case of a Thai actress' alleged cat fight with a female neighbour after their dogs attacked each other at a Bangkok housing estate on Wednesday night.

Actress Daran "Sinitta" Boonyasak, 36, and Chon Buri-based chef Supisara Sae-ngow, 45, might face assault charges, while the latter might face an additional charge of neglecting her pets and allowing them to cause harm to another person or their property.

The offence is punishable by a month in prison and/or up to Bt10,000 in fine, national police spokesman Dechnarong Sutticharnbancha said yesterday. Police investigation initially found that Supisara allegedly allowed her dogs to roam free and they began fighting with Daran's dogs, the spokesman said. Daran came out with a cane to fight off the attacking dogs, but ended up getting into a fight with Supisara. Since the actress did not hit the dogs, she managed to escape animal cruelty charges, Dechnarong said.

Supisara yesterday filed a complaint at the Bang Na Police Station against Daran for assault, animal cruelty, property damage as she lost a diamond earring during the alleged fight, and threatening behaviour.

Police said they would investigate the incident and interview five witnesses before deciding on the charges.

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