A new mild typhoon may impact Taiwan

Super Typhoon Usagi, the most powerful storm of the year, lashed the island last month.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A tropical depression is hovering 3,000 kilometers southeast of Taiwan and is moving at 10 kilometers per hour and it may morph into a mild typhoon as early as today, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

The typhoon, dubbed "Neoguri" was forming around Guam yesterday. Although it is not traveling in Taiwan's direction, it is bound to impact local weather beginning on the 7th, the CWB forecast, adding that ships sailing to the East of the Philippines should stay alert for unstable weather in the coming days.

The CWB predicted sunny weather across the island until the 6th, and more moisture on the 7th. Brief showers may occur in the mountains in Northern Taiwan and on the east coast. Brief thundershowers may occur in the mountains in Central and Southern Taiwan in the afternoon, the CWB said.

As for today, the weather is expected to remain hot and humid across the island. Thundershowers may occur in the afternoon. The CWB forecast a wide range of thundershowers today, and warned about convective heat transfer in Hualien, Yilan and the west coast. People should also be prepared for afternoon showers in the mountains, the CWB said.

In addition, people should avoid staying outdoors for extended period sof time, to prevent high levels of ultraviolet exposure, the CWB warned.

The CWB forecast high temperatures to last until Sunday. Temperatures are likely to hit 33 to 35 degrees Celsius on the high end and 26 to 27 degrees on the low. Temperatures in the Greater Taipei area may hit 36 degrees, the CWB said, advising that people should keep hydrated in the hot weather.