From No 1 to No 3: Survey results baffle Binay

Vice President Jejomar Binay.
PHOTO: Reuters

Vice President Jejomar Binay admits to being baffled by the rapid changes in his ranking and placement in the different presidential voter preference surveys.

Interviewed late Monday night in Calamba, Laguna province, where he witnessed the oath-taking of new members of his United Nationalist Alliance party, Binay said he was "like many people, confused" by the differing results of the surveys that had come out in the past week.

Binay was being asked to comment on the latest Pulse Asia survey, where he placed third after Sen. Grace Poe and Mar Roxas, the ruling Liberal Party presidential candidate.

Binay pointed out that only recently RMN Radio said he was No. 1 in its survey with 4,000 respondents.

And then the Social Weather Station surveys said he was in third place one day and then second place, the next day.

"So it's confusing," Binay said.

But he said he would not allow the survey results to get him down and that he would work even harder to reach out to more people.

"I will give more time to explain and talk to our people why I should be President of our country," he said.

Binay, the first to declare his presidential plans and erstwhile topnotcher in the surveys, has seen his numbers steadily being eroded after corruption allegations came out against him in the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee hearings.

He has denied the allegations and blamed the Aquino administration for making them because he was running for President.