No more catching Z's in IKEA Nanjing

If you have ever visited an IKEA store and thought how cool it would be if you could just lie down on one of those soft beds, cover yourself with a fluffy blankets and nap -some Chinese IKEA visitors are doing exactly that.

An Ikea store in Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu province, is considering slapping a ban on those who take a nap on the comfy furniture, after a Sina Weibo post published photos showing people stretching out on beds and ruffled sheets on even non-occupied beds, along with such comments as "from age 0 to 80, each of them has fallen into a rapturous sleep! ", Nanjing-based Jinling Evening News reported Thursday.

This is reportedly the first Chinese Ikea store that is planning a zero tolerance approach toward those who make themselves a little too much at home, as the company had always avoided taking action as it did not want to ruffle potential customers.