North Korea arrests US tourist: KCNA

A female North Korean soldier uses her mobile phone next to a sentry on the banks of the Yalu River, near the North Korean town of Sinuiju, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong June 1, 2014.

SEOUL - North Korea has arrested a US tourist for violating visa regulations, Pyongyang's state media said Friday, with three Americans now believed to be held by the reclusive regime.

The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said that the man was in custody and undergoing questioning. It identified him only in Korean without providing the English spelling of his name.

"The US Citizen, who entered the DPRK (North Korea) on April 29 as a tourist, engaged in activities that were in breach of DPRK's laws", KCNA said.

He is believed to be the third US citizen currently detained by the North. The two others include 24-year-old US tourist Matthew Todd Miller, who was arrested in April after he apparently ripped up his visa at immigration and demanded asylum in the communist state.

Kenneth Bae, described by a North Korean court as a militant Christian evangelist, is also being held in the North after he was arrested in November 2012 and sentenced to 15 years' hard labour on charges of seeking to topple the government.