Number of hotspots in Sumatra increases

Indonesian firefighter tries to put out a forest fire in Pekanbaru located in Sumatra Island.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency's (BMKG) Pekanbaru chapter recorded the increasing number of hot spots in Sumatra at 1,465 on Friday from 1,025 on Thursday.

"The image from Terra and Aqua satellites this morning showed 440 more hot spots. There were 1,465 hot spots, mostly in South Sumatra, whose number reached 1,296," BMKG Pekanbaru head Sugarin said on Friday as quoted by Antara.

There were 63 hot spots in Bangka Belitung, 48 hot spots in Jambi, 41 hot spots in Bengkulu and 41 hot spots in Lampung.

There were no hot spots in Riau for the past two days, but there were 16 hot spots on Friday. In the province, eight hot spots were seen in Pelalawan, five hot spots in Indragiri Hulu, two hot spots in Indragiri Hilir and one in Siak.

According to Sugarin, the bush and forest fires in Riau caused visibility to decrease in a number of places.

"The visibility in Rengat and Indragiri Hulu was 100 meters, 200 meters in Pelalawan, 1,500 meters in Dumai and 4,000 meters in Pekanbaru," Sugarin said.

The weather in Riau was generally fine with clouds and haze covering several areas. "There are chances for light to medium rain with strong winds in the evening until night in the central, northern and western parts of Riau," he added.