NY Times corrects opinion article about Thailand

US - The New York Times has run a correction on an opinion article about Thai politics that appeared in its print edition on August 23.

The correction, published on its website (www.nytimes.com) on Friday, said the article headlined "Can Egypt Learn from Thailand?" "contained several errors".

It said, "Thailand's economy is in recession, not 'booming'. Anti-government protests in 2010 occurred in the spring, not in January, and protesters were killed by the military, not the police. The prime minister since 2011, Yingluck Shinawatra, has proposed establishing a fully elected Senate and making it harder for courts to disband political parties; she has not 'avoided challenging the Constitution'."

More than 70 readers made their comments on this article. Some questioned the accuracy of certain information in the opinion piece and the neutrality of the writer, Jonathan Tepperman, who is the managing editor of Foreign Affairs magazine.