This odd world: Man holds father captive for ransom

The police deployed sharpshooters to a small mosque in Proppo subdistrict where a man held his father captive and threatened to kill him with a sickle unless relatives paid him a Rp 20 million (U$ 2,200) ransom.

The man, Misnawi, said he held his father hostage because he badly needed cash to pay a Rp 6 million debt he owed people in East Kalimantan, where he worked as a oil palm plantation worker.

Pamekasan Police chief Sr. Comr. Muntaha said he called in sharpshooters after Misnawi set unrealistic conditions for the safe release of the elderly man, Sinaton. reported that Misnawi refused to remove the sickle from around his father's throat even though the police had given him 12 hours on Thursday to release his ailing father unconditionally or face the consequences.

Muntaha had said that the police would use persuasion and adopt force only as a last resort.

Misnawi refused to surrender despite tear gas being fired and was subsequently shot twice.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Sinaton is the second person Misnawi has held hostage since he returned from East Kalimantan last week.

On Tuesday, he held captive his cousin, Adi, but the 13-year-old elementary school student managed to run away Thursday.