Outrage over Taiwan dad who made 2-year-old daughter do sex acts & shared photos online

Disgusted netizens have called for the apprehension of a father who allegedly made his two-year-old girl do sexual acts on him and even shared photos of her private parts online.

According to on.cc and Apple Daily, the father, Kim Fung, is from Taichung, Taiwan and goes by the moniker 'Ghost Father'.

The sickening acts came to light after some users on chatting application Line saw the posts Kim shared.

In his chats, he shared photos of his two-year-old daughter's private part, as well as a photo of her hands holding his genitals, reports Coverage.my.

Kim said that he is a single father who is divorced and the mother of the child would not find out what is going on.

The father even proudly entertained perverted questions by equally disgusting paedophiles who asked him questions like: "Has she ever licked your genitals?" and "What time of day do you 'use' her?"

One even asked if he could share the videos he has taken of his daughter rubbing his penis.

Netizens have rallied and called for the arrest of Kim. Some have filed a police report against the man but authorities have very little information to proceed.

The police only know his name as Kim Fung, which could also be a fake name, and his Line ID is squall0422.

Authorities are urging anyone with information that can lead to this man's immediate arrest to step forward and aid in investigations.

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