Over 500 people sharing same ancestry pose for family photo in China village

PHOTO: Facebook

HANGZHOU - Over 500 people who share the same ancestry gathered in their hometown village in Zhejiang province last week, as they posed for a family photo that has since gone viral.

The group, made up of seven living generations of the Ren family, were pictured standing in front of a cliff at Shishe village.

A drone was used to capture photos of the epic family reunion on Jan 31.

Photo: Facebook

According to Xinhua, family members travelled from places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang and Taiwan to mark the completion of their family tree.

Mr Ren Tuanjie, the party chief of Shishe village, said the tree took two and a half years to finish.

Photo: Facebook

He added: "During Spring Festival, we like to bring all the family members together so as to let our ancestors know where they are.

"China is moving towards modernity, but Chinese people's roots in their native land never disappear. Wherever they go, descendants from one family have always got something to bring them together."