Over the moon about Mid-Autumn Festival here

There is more than one way to make a mooncake.

Today, mooncakes that come in a variety of flavours and packaging styles.

It seems that no flavours are out of bounds.

Iconic Teochew confectionery shop Thye Moh Chan is unveiling its signature Teochew mooncakes, which are available in outlets at Paragon and Chinatown Point.

The handmade mooncakes boast light flaky pastry skin and a selection of silky-smooth fillings, epitomising the finest qualities of traditional mastery and modern refinement.

The mooncakes are packaged in pink, red and purple gift boxes that bear intricate lotus and peony motifs.

Thye Moh Chan's durian mooncakes are prepared with top-quality Mao Shan Wang durians. Each box of four mooncakes costs $38.80.

Thye Moh Chan's collection also includes sweet tau sar (mung bean pastry) and salty tau sar mooncakes.


The sweet rendition comprises melon seeds and mung beans while the savoury version encompasses a blend of salty mung bean paste with salted egg.

A box of four mooncakes costs $28.80 while and a large mooncake (one piece per box) costs $24.80.

The Yuan Yang mooncakes from Thye Moh Chan come with a generous filling of mung bean paste, sesame, spicy pork floss and salted egg yolk. A box of four mooncakes costs $28.80 while a large mooncake (one piece per box) costs $24.80.

The Teochew Double Delight mooncake combines red bean paste and a unique "crystal" filling made with winter melon, melon seeds, citrus strips, white sesame, spring onions and glutinous rice flour. A box of four mooncakes costs $28.80.

Thye Moh Chan's traditional Teochew Mooncake combines maltose, white sesame, citrus strips and five-spice powder. A large box costs $16.80.

As the mooncakes are produced in limited quantities, customers are encouraged to place their orders in advance. Mooncake vouchers are also available for sale at both outlets.

This article was first published on September 21, 2015.
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