Overweight Central Kalimantan woman asks for government help

A woman who weighs around 350 kilograms in Palangka Raya City, Central Kalimantan, has asked for assistance from the local government to help tackle her obesity.

"I wish that the government could provide me with some assistance to help me lose weight, " said Titi Wati, who is bound to her bed in her rented house, as quoted by Antara on Sunday.

The 37-year-old said her weight had increased dramatically in the last seven years. Wati, who is considered the heaviest woman in the province, has difficulty in moving and spends most of the time in bed.

Wati said she had tried many methods to lose weight, including by consuming herbal weight loss drinks, which she said was effective because she had lost weight for a period of time.

However, because the drink became increasingly expensive, Wati could not afford it any longer. Her dietary habits meant she gained weight again. "Every time I wake up, it feels like my legs are cramped and it hurts all over," she said.

Wati has never taken medication or checked her health with a doctor.

Her husband, Edi, 52, said he had to be grateful for what God had given to them.

Meanwhile, Herlina, 19, her only daughter, expressed hope that the local government and philanthropists could help her mother lose weight.