Pakistan arrests 27 Indian fishermen

KARACHI - Pakistan arrested 27 Indian fishermen and impounded their four boats on Saturday for allegedly fishing in its territorial waters in the Arabian Sea, a Pakistani maritime security official said.

Such arrests are frequently carried out by both countries, as the maritime border is poorly defined and many fishing boats lack the technology needed to be certain of their precise location.

The fishermen often languish in jail even after serving their term, as poor diplomatic ties between the two arch-rivals mean fulfilling official requirements can take a long time.

In August Pakistan released 163 Indian fishermen as an expression of goodwill. India often reciprocates such moves.

Muhammad Hassan Setho, a senior prison official, said there were 420 Indian fishermen in Karachi jail.

India and Pakistan have been arch-rivals since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, and have fought three wars.

Relations have worsened significantly since 2014, with shelling across the border in disputed Kashmir territory claiming a total of around 20 lives on both sides in August.