Pancake vendor overcharge foreigners at Great Wall

CHINA - Pancake stalls in the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area of Beijing became the focal point of the media after visitors to the area said the stalls were pricing their pancakes according to customers' nationality.

The Beijing Times reported that a German visitor refused to accept the banana chocolate pancake he ordered after the vendor charged him 65 yuan (S$13) on Wednesday. A dispute arose when the vendor insisted that the German visitor buy his food because "it was made to order." Police were called to solve the issue.

Reporters found that the pancakes went for 15 yuan (S$3) to Chinese customers.

The vendor said that food sold to foreigners is more expensive because it is "tailor-made" according to their taste. There also were small price tags in English asking for 65 yuan per pancake at the counter window, though they were inconspicuous.

Lawyers said pricing discrimination goes against the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, and should be punished by industrial and commerce authorities.