This panty pillowcase might just tap into your oddest fetish

PHOTO: YouTube/Ligre Japan

Japanese entrepreneurs seem to never run out of quirky items for every occasion and preference. One of their latest creations is the panty pillowcase.

Shaped like an oversized piece of undergarment, the panty pillowcase fits snuggly around a regular pillow. The pillow's edges even come out of the pillowcase's holes like a pair of thighs going through lower garments.

The item is made by a company called Ligre which also produces a number of adult-oriented items.

Photo: YouTube/Ligre Japan

According to the video ad, the panty pillowcase comes with a number of features and uses.

Overtime, oil from the back of the user's head will accumulate on the pillowcase. The spot where most of the oil will accumulate is conveniently found at the "crotch" area of the pillowcase. Individuals of a certain preference may just find arousal from the sight of the stain.

The video even demonstrates that users can go ahead and sniff the pillowcase.

Photo: YouTube/Ligre Japan

Apparently, the panty pillowcase can be used with a number of similarly-themed items, like a face mask, a "face towel" and even a blanket.

For interested buyers, online retailer Village Vanguard lists the panty pillowcase at 2,376 yen (roughly S$29.50). International shoppers may need to go through a proxy service to purchase the pillowcase.