Parents drown after saving 2 sons at Taiwan beach

View of the Pacific Ocean in Taitung, Taiwan.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A couple surnamed Yeh drowned after rescuing their two drowning sons at a beach in Budai Township, Chiayi County, yesterday.

The 39-year-old Yeh took his 40-year-old wife and three children to the beach to fish early yesterday afternoon.

After his second son accidentally fell into the sea, Yeh, his wife and his oldest son jumped in to rescue him. The two children were saved by onlookers who were also fishing.

The parents were swept away by the waves.

Police sent helicopters to locate the couple but found them to have drowned yesterday evening.

The eldest son said through sobs that he is very remorseful he did not save his mom in time. The youngest begged the rescuers to find his parents' belongings for the children to keep as mementos.

The sons are elementary school students in the third, fourth and fifth grade.

After the second son fell into the water, he reportedly got caught in the undercurrent. When the youngest son yelled for help, the parents and the eldest son jumped in after him. All four of them had difficulty swimming.

Two men fishing nearby came to the rescue. After saving the second son, they rescued the eldest son who was being held up by Yeh in the water. Soon after, the parents got caught in the undercurrent and were swept out to sea.

After rescuers were called in, the mother's body was discovered on the shore more than a hundred meters away. Rescuers in a lifeboat found Yeh's body in the open sea.

Police said that further investigations will be conducted into the case.