Passenger opens emergency exit on plane to get 'some fresh air'

A passenger caused a scare on his flight when he yanked open an emergency exit just moments before the plane was due to take off to "get some fresh air", reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The man on board Xiamen Air, a domestic flight in China, was caught on camera by fellow passengers when he opened the emergency exit door and stuck his head out before cabin crew stopped him.

SCMP reported that the Xiamen Air's maintenance team rushed to fix the safety door and the plane eventually took off on schedule. Photos posted online showed a middle-aged man wearing a blue jacket with a hood poking his head out of the open door, while a flight attendant was standing behind him.

The caption on one of the photos circulating online said the man told the flight attendants he "just wanted some fresh air", reported SCMP. The person who posted it also commented that it was his first time seeing an incident like this and he hopes the flight won't be delayed for too long.

SCMP said the passenger will be not be penalised for his actions as he did not meant any harm.

An airline staff told Chinese tabloid Southern Metropolis Daily that it was also the male passenger's first time travelling by air.


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